You can find out more about medicines prescribed for you or someone you are looking after.

Click on the name of the medication and you will be taken to a leaflet giving you general information about it.

Your medicine will also have a leaflet provided by the manufacturer. If you need more information speak to your doctor, pharmacist or nurse.

STOMP: Stopping Over Medication of People with a Learning Disability, Autism or both

The Challenging Behaviour Foundation have produced a resource around medication pathways for people with a learning disability. This can be found on their website. The clinical teams in Mersey Care’s Specialist Learning Disability Division are fully committed to support this work and have briefed carers on the project. Our healthcare leads have positive behaviour support plans to deliver interventions which avoid over medication. Read more on the NHS England website.

You can also access the Trust’s Choice and Medication website where you will find lots of useful information about mental health medication and contact details.

To find out more about any medications prescribed, click here.